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visualstatsnet for analyzing statistics

King Tiger at German Panzer Museum Munster

visualstatsnet is your source to keep track of the statistics of yourself, your friends and your enemies. Here you can compare how players of World of Tanks performed in the past. By reading and interpreting the statistics and visualize them you will be able to simply find out on which skills you should focus or for what weak spot of your enemy you should go.

Find out the best battle performance on tanks and even look across the servers border and compare players from Russia with players from Europe or North America. In the "player graphs" section you can see a visualisation of the statistics. Read the "help & glossary" for help and the definitions of every statistical value used by us.

This site is still under construction, so please do not expect a finished service. Some sections might be out of order at the time you try them out, others may not even be worked on.

Have fun using this service and feel free to contact the admin with your feedback and ideas.


tank statistics history

Since yesterday I make a snapshot of the tank statistics every day. So now you are to select e.g. the statistics of the last two days only. This works for both, the tanks statistics as well as the tank group statistics.


relation between in game battle values and win rate

A new menu item is dedicated to show the relation between in game per battle values and the win rate as well as the well known rating systems. It is definitely not luck to win a game, at least not in many cases. Use the analystics under the player statistics menu to chose your tactics ad strategy and find the way to improve your win rate.


actual new from

This page is dedicated to the facts and figures of World of Tanks statistcis. So you will mainly see values and charts here. If you are interested in some news and articles around what is happening on World of Tanks I would like to point you to where you can find lots of news and articles. This site is VERY active in posting all news around this game.



There have been some issues with processes beeing locked on the database during the last weeks. To get tid of these problems a patch must be installed. During installation of the patch visualstatsnet will be not available. Starting on friday, 7th of June 11pm until saturday, 8th of June 2pm this page will be offline.

Sorry for any inconveniences.


German translation

Because many of visualstatsnet users are German I started to translate the whole content into German language. It will take some time but you can access the German page with the current translation progress here


top 100 added

A new menu tab is available now. Top 100 for lots of per-battle-values and two achievements. You can see who are the top of the servers and what can be achieved. Those tables are also good if you know who is on the right edge of all os the position charts in the player graph section.

More achievements to come....


reopening after long maintenance

Lots of work is done. Because of the performance problems with increasing number of records I completely redesigned the database model. Now 18 index organized and partitioned tables with 2 views, 20 materialized views and >50 database functions are in place. To check the performance I fetched all EU server account data from the WoT server. With these data you now have a continous EU server statistics.

Some functions are deactivated (player history, list of battles for players, achievements), others are added. But work is still going on.


fine tuning of the no.1 rating system

During the last days I did some fine tuning and simplifying on the no.1 rating system. I think it now reflects the orginal idea of a neutral rating system better than before and fits better into "common" number areas.

Explanations on the glossary page will follow tomorrow.


fine tuning and loading time optimizing

With the growing number of players and battles stored (now >680k players and >1,2 billion battles are used for the statistics) some tuning was needed for some of the graphs.

So I was able to reduce loading time for the three rating graphs, the damage graph, the battle outcome graph and per battle value graph.


no.1 rating implemented

Finally, the first rating formula which is not influenced by a play style or a group of players who like to see a certain play style to be ranked first. A formula which correctly calculates the damage part. A formula which is influenced by the average battle tier (not tank tier) and takes experience (not XP) into account. A formula which can't be fooled by only playing some battles or push values by bashing lower tiers. ...and the formula is open to the public !

the no.1 rating

See the glossary for every detail and the player statistics page for the values.

Look at the drill down in the player graphs section and find details in the player statistics section.


history of player statistics added

Again some new content and new graphs to analyse player statistics. On the player statistics page there are now two new pages showing history of absolute and per battle values. On both new pages the time frame navigator helps you to select the interval to be displayed. You can compare players of your session by a selectable value or just look at all values of one specific player in your session.


WN6 rating added

The WN6 rating (which is an interesting alternative to the efficiency rate) has been added with formula to the glossary page.

I created a new chart on the player graphs page just below the efficiency rate graph, because it is interesting to see how this rating compares to the efficiency rate.


more charts and hints on how to influence the win rate

So again four new charts for the player graphs page are done. Additionally, I added new graphs to four existing charts. Now you can see the relation between several values and the win rate over all stored players. I am sure you will find yourself and your friends and foes in the correct section of the graphs. Very interesting to see that some values are having more influnce on the win rate (or to be correct: showing a stronger relationship) than others.


lots of small corrections

Some minor bugs have been corrected. I found them by accident while trying the new improved playerstats pages (hope you will like them). Removing players from sessions is corrected. A bug when adding a player to session has been fixed. To enable users to add players to sessions even when WoT's servers are down I just took the input of the user and wrote the player name to the session. Now I check, if this player already exists in the database. Only players which are already stored can be added to a session now.


New graphs for player stats

Today five new graphs on the player graphs pages were added. All the graphs are showing the position of a player for a specific value among the server population.

More to come ...


Updates for 0.8.3

All neccessary updates for the new WoT version 0.8.3 are done. This includes new chinese tanks in the tank database. The adjustments for the HP of the vehicles is also done.

Since all those changes are influencing calculations like the average tank and average battle tier the formulas for both are adjusted. I also added the formula for the damage per battle per average battle tier on the glossary page.

The formulas for damage / avg. tank and damage per avg. battle tier are always a little bit of mathematical work. If you are interested, look at the glossary page. It is still one of my principles to make every calulcation open to the public and not to hide anything.


Tank graphs live

Our main goal was to visualize statistics. So we need to do this for the tanks as well. While looking at a full table of facts and figures is a good way for a deep dive, a simple graph is what people like to see. In just a few moments you can see what the data is about. Have a look at the first tank graph page.

With the new tank graphs you can see which tanks in which class, nation and tier are performing better than others. This may be your source to decide which nation tree to go or which tank to choose next.

12/01/2013 (2)

Time frame navigator for player graph 5 (battle outcome) implemented

To be honest, I have chosen the player graph 5 to implement the next page with the time frame navigator because I knew that this was easy. With the things learned on the tanks stats page and the efficiency graph it took me only 30 minutes to get this to work.

12/01/2013 (1)

Time frame navigator for player graph 1 (efficiency rating) implemented

Now this was a little bit tricky but finally everything seems to be fine. The time frame navigator now allows you to calculate your (or your friends and foes) efficiency rate for an arbitrary time interval, e.g. the last week or the time between Jan, 3rd and Jan, 6th or the last weekend.

It was not just as easy as on the tanks list where I only had to subtract a value from the current set. The efficiency rate uses the average tank tier and the values per battle. Also there are divison by zero possibilities if someone didn't in the interval.

But with the help auf 110 opening and 110 closing brackets and some nice database functions the final SQL is around 2500 bytes long and catches everything in just one request.


First time frame navigator implemented

On the tanks statistics page the time frame navigator is now live.

Now you can easily select the time interval for which you want to see information. So you can see what happened during the last day, the last week and so on. The statistics start date is set to Jan, 1st 2013.

If anything goes fine with the navigator, it will be installed on the other pages as well.


Progress on snapshot development

After a busy day, I only added some things today. At first I built in a player limit for sessions of 25.

Most of the work today was for the new time frame snapshot to enable users to view data for a certain time period, e.g. the last 7 days or the last 20 days until a special date. Another use case can be to see the result of the battles of the last 10 days or the difference in tank pereformance after a new WoT release.

Development is almost finished with a single remaining problem to be analyzed. Perhaps I can give more information tomorrow.

Meanwhile the 100,000th player has been added to the visualstatsnet database!

09/01/2013 (3)

high speed for database requests

Today I reworked all major database requests after I noticed a drop in speed on the battle tier performance chart yesterday. Loading more and more players to the database let to a drop in performance lately. Since I personally neither have extensive experience with >3 mio. rows in a table nor with time stamps in rows this was a little bit tricky.

But finally, I found the solution in preselecting the player core data before the real SQL statement in a 'with' clause.

I hope you have fun with the new response times.

09/01/2013 (2)

number of stored players growing again

Another 15k players from EU server have been loaded to the database.

The more players are stored the better the average player calculation will be. So I still try to load new players while anxiously watching the performance of the requests to the database and the response times of the web pages.

As long as everything is fine I will add up new players day by day.

09/01/2013 (1)

Home page content reworked

This site is already some days in use by hundreds of users and I had no news page.

So this rework of the home page was due. Introducing the news messages in the main content area and moving the database content info to that little box.

I also added the list of known bugs below the box on the left side. So whenever you encounter a bug, please look at the list there. Perhaps it is already known and there is a workaround in place or at least a hint of what to do.

If the bug is not listed please tell me!! You can always send me a PM on the North American or European World of Tanks forum to the user unknown_object or just use the contact link in the footer of each page. Thanks for your help!


rework of tanks page

To improve the speed of the tanks statistics page it is neccessary to build a cached table every day. With an increasing amount of players every new player will not make that much of a difference in the tanks statistics so it is not longer neccessary to generate the averages on the fly while the page is loading.

With the new static table the fields for 'number of battles stored' and 'played' are now part of the page. Previously, it was not possible to generate these information on the fly as the response time was already too long.

I hope you enjoy it.

server statistics

data type server
total accounts 9,287,130
accounts played 4,869,337
different tanks 297
battles played 5,241,447,318
battles per player 1,076
battles won percent 49.286
avg player winrate 46.051
max topgun 2,887
max invader 566
max sniper 5,369
max defender 682
max steel wall 1,940
max confederate 1,594
max scout 4,514
max patrol duty 1,119
max brothers in arms 655
max crucial contribution 467
max sharpshooter 3,794
max master gunner 201
max invincible 27
max reaper 32
max survivor 82

list of known bugs

  • All known bugs are fixed.